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About us

Who are Unimobiles?
Unimobiles has been trading since 2001; we specialise in refurbishing vintage, retro and collectable mobile phones. We have full in house repair and servicing facilities for a wide range of products. Our customers include companies who need to replace lost or broken mobiles, individuals who wish to upgrade their existing phones, people travelling overseas, fun loving people who want something thatís a little different, and people who are after good value.

We stock over 100 different models of mobile phones. If there is a phone you wish to source which is not listed on this site, then please contact us as we will probably stock it or could source it for you. 

We also stock a wide range of accessories and parts for many difficult to find and older types of mobile phones - if you would like us to track down any particular items please contact us with as many details as possible, and we will get back to you.

A focus on quality service

By being small and organised, we have found that we can offer the best service and get it right - first time. We have clear procedures, fully tested stock and use the optimum delivery systems available to us. Everything you buy from Unimobiles is backed up with comprehensive e-mail and telephone support. With years combined experience in the mobile phone industry our team have a unique perspective on the market and are able to offer an unparalleled service in terms of products and advice. 

Our mission

Our mission is threefold - provide unique products, reduce environmental landfill waste & save people money. Thousands of mobile phones are disposed of or traded in every year when people get a new contract or simply decide to upgrade. The batteries of these phones leak toxins and cause big pollution problems for the environment if not disposed of properly. We buy these mobile phones, and refurbish them using our expertise, providing a two month warranty for peace of mind. 

Easy to purchase - delivery to your door

Purchasing from us is a simple process. We accept all types of payment. We deal with all enquires promptly and efficiently by email & you can call us if you ever need advice. We also provide online manuals for our phones, and have years of knowledge and experience to back this up. All our mobile phones come with a 14 day satisfaction guarantee and a 60 day warranty. 

Second Hand Mobile Phone Advantages

1. Second-hand does not mean second-rate. A second hand mobile phone offers value for money. Nearly-new phones can be much cheaper than the same phone fresh from the factory, yet they may be only a few months old. 
2. All our second hand mobile phones are already sim-free, and most of them are not locked to any network. They can be used on EE, Vodafone, O2, Giffgaff and Virgin, either with a contract SIM card or pay as you go. 
3. An older second hand mobile phone will usually have less software problems. 
4. Older models of phones will have a wider variety of accessories and they will be cheaper. 
5. All our second hand phones come with a 60 day warranty which means that you can be rest assured that the phone you receive will be fully working and you'll have time to test it. If any of our phones develop a fault we will replace it with an identical or better model.



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